One piece swimwear 2015

Today we will talk about fashion trends of the future – what will be the most fashionable one-piece swimsuits 2015? Summer is on the threshold which means that our article is more relevant than ever.

Floral print

Floral print swimsuit for decoration is the idea that always wins. One look at the collections of swimwear Liliana Montoya, Suboo, Dolores Cortes, Luli Fama, Belusso is enough for the imagination to take you to fabulous island with magical gardens.


In the next season, the designers recommend you to stop on the large patterns. However, do not forget that the large pattern tends to visually increase the volume. That is why the owners of magnificent forms better choose other motive.

 Sport swimwear summer 2015

Sport is the topic that never becomes obsolete. Distinctive features of sport models: a minimum of decor, sleek design, the maximum indoor style and usually plain fabric.


Sport style one piece swimwear 2015 in collections: LSpace, Caffe Swimwear, Belusso, Suboo and Wildfox. Shiny materials and minimalist prints are in the trend.


If you tend to think that one-piece swimsuits are designed to hide the maximum body from prying eyes, then the following two fashion trends will force you to doubt. One popular design techniques next summer is the sidecut. It adds some spice to the simplest model.


Sidecut one piece swimsuits 2015 in collections: 6SHOREROAD, Cia Maritima, Bellusso and Poco Pano.

 Emphasis on belly

If you want to boast around your slim and fit belly then choose one-piece swimsuits summer 2015 with all kinds of cuts and jumpers, called it to emphasize. The most successful model with an emphasis on the stomach last week in Miami Beach Fashion offered Liliana Montoya, Dolores Cortes, 6SHOREROAD and Mara Hoffman.


Their distinguishing feature is the original cut and unusual decor. His most unusual reception presented the brand Beach Bunny. The designers of this brand were offered to create a multi layer accents.

 Underwire cups

One Piece Swimsuits with strong bodice cups is a tribute to fashion designers on the retro style. What a charming greetings from the 50s of the last century, when a swimsuit at the same time embodies two opposing trends: chastity and sexuality.


Underwire swimwear 2015 in collections: 6SHOREROAD, We are Handsome, Beach Bunny


For women who are attracted to creative ideas and sophisticated design solutions, designers have prepared a whole range of swimwear, a common feature of which is asymmetric cut. The most popular model is one-piece swimsuits with a harness. This idea is complemented by various designers notches.


The most interesting models can be found in the collections of Caffe Swimwear, Liliana Montoya, Belusso, Suboo. Dolores Cortes offers asymmetry new look.

 Beach vacation is an excellent opportunity to afford to become a little sexier and more relaxed than usual. Use this idea to the next summer and it will certainly give you an unforgettable experience!

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