Red Bull Flying Bach

Exclusive Mikel interview for Russian Magazine VS CHICAGO

High culture meets urban art: In the clash of cultures Red Bull Flying Bach turns the international classical world upside down. Their creative performance visualizes and revives Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier crossing the borders of serious music and youth culture/ Note by note. Step by step. With piano, harpsichord and electronic beats

-      What brings all of you talented guys together? Is this Destiny?

-      First of all, the passion for breakdance brought us all together. Was it destiny? Hm… yes, sometimes I think it could have been destiny that we met each other. We are unified with the same ambition – to show the people that breakdance is an art.

-      What do you think: it's a coincidence or everything in our lives is scheduled plan of someone above?

-       I think through the decisions you make in your life, you have the opportunity to influence how you are living. For example, we had the vision to combine classical music with breakdance and worked hard to make this dream come true. Now we travelling all over the world and inspiring people with Red Bull Flying Bach.

-      Were there any difficulties in staging a show that put together classical music and contemporary urban dance?

-      Sure, there are always difficulties. Sometimes things don’t work together on stage the way they do in your mind. But we really learned a lot from the process.

-      Almost everyone loves to break dance (especially young people). Especially after Michael Jackson. I well remember the time when people freak out on the performances of Michael Jackson. What makes the Red Bull Flying Bach so unique?

-      We still love to dance to Michael Jackson music – he will always remain the King of Pop! But the special thing about Red Bull Flying Bach is the way we dance to the music. We are visualizing and reviving Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier. So you don’t have to know Bach’s music to understand it. We communicate through our dance.

-      What do you like most about of Red Bull Flying Bach?

-      Honestly? The music! I would never have thought that Bach’s music is so powerful, intense and expressive. I already danced 250 shows and really can’t get enough of it. Maybe it has also something to do with the different parts of music we are using. We not only have a live piano and cembalo, we also had amazing music producers, who composed some parts of the Well-Tempered Clavier with hip-hop beats.

-      Unexpected success - what does this mean for you? What did it teach you?

-      None of us ever imagined this success. It came step by step. First we had a sold-out tour in Germany, than came Europe and now we are travelling the whole world – now in the fourth year. We are able to live our dream and are very grateful for this. It taught me that success always has something to do with hard work. You should not lose your focus, even if it is sometimes very hard, such as when you are not with your family.

-      In your world tour you have visited Russia and Ukraine. Did your performances in these countries was different from other?

-      How Russians and Ukrainians react to your show? Yes, we’ve been to Moscow and Kiev – two very impressive cities. The audience absolutely loved the show, which made us really proud. We love to share our passion for dancing with all people around the world.

-      Do you have your favorite moments from the tours to Russia and Ukraine?

-      Yes, for sure! I remember in Moscow we were allowed to wear the traditional dress and met some dancers who taught us the traditional dancing. And in the Ukraine we stayed in the same hotel as Vitali Klitschiko – I still have a photograph to prove it!

-      What is special in your show that’s changing the world? What challenge did this show for you personally?

-      I think the special thing is we all formed this show with our personalities. Vartan had the idea and was the main choreographer but everyone formed his or her own part. And I think this is what the audience can see and feel. We love what we are doing.

-      Can you describe your dream show?

-      Mmh, that is a difficult one, because Red Bull Flying Bach is really very close to it. A good show needs a good team, starting with the production manager, lighting guys, sound engineer and so on. Additionally it depends on the dancers. I am so proud to perform with one of the best breakdancers.

-      What do you expect from American performances?

-      Our shows will be a blast! Make yourself ready for an extraordinary, powerful and surprisingly show you’ve never seen before.

-      Any surprises in the upcoming Chicago show? What can we expect?

For Chicago we are preparing very well! Since we’re travelling the long way to USA we want to be 100% sure that we deliver our best. USA is the birthplace of our hip-hop culture, so we want to show the audience that we really take this seriously.

Interviewed by Liudmyla Ruda
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