Red lips and summer sips event

Late august in Chicago has been really cold, gloomy and downright terrible but when I attended the red lips and summer sips event at the vertigo sky lounge it gave Menostalgia of what summer should be.

The event was produced by Oana “Wana” Molosag and Adele Shayre to bring awareness to the Brain Tumor Association Foundation and celebrate the late Sara Soto a Chicago celebrity and socialite who was a victim of brain caner.

The event kicked of with two free hours of gourmet drinks chocolate martinis mango cucumber vodkas and mint mojitos complements of dc concepts. Also eight hundred complementary red lip cupcakes by the awesome Rodwell couture cupcakes.

But just when you thought it was it was over the temperature was risen a hundred degrees further with a unisex bikini competition. A collective of designer swimsuits and rock hard bodies was a mixture of fun runway/beach flirty fun. Everyone walked away with goodie bags from L.A. Tan and L'or D'afrique a raffle with VIP box seats to the white sox and three hip hop show tickets.

This had so many people on cloud nine I am very impressed with this event and just like the guests that were there im also very pleased.The event went so well in fact that there are talks of this event becoming a annul event which will be extremely epic.

This is a fact I will be here every year.

Kenneth Goldman
Marius Prundu
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