Two Piece Bikini 2015 – hot trends

In anticipation of the summer we are increasingly beginning to dream about the rest. And whatever our plans and financial capabilities, beach vacation is always relevant. It will be paradise beaches of distant islands, wild beaches of the Azov Sea or even the nearest beach to the house of the pond is irrelevant.

Swimsuits must be stylish and we must be irresistible! Today we talk about separate bathing suits, and try to understand how to use them to create the necessary images.

Two Piece Bikini trend 2015 – Décor with ribbons

Beach Banny, Liliana Montoya, Minimale Animale, Belusso and Suboo offer an interesting way of the swimwear decor. For all its simplicity, ribbons create a very striking effect. Perhaps it’s because of the association. Thin intersecting strips evoke fantasies of incredibly erotic and philosophical art of shibari binding. In these images you can find something primitive and attractive.

Trendy Two Piece Bathing Suits 2015 in collections^ Beach Bunny, Liliana Montoya, Minimale Animale, Belusso, Suboo

It should be noted, however, that the ribbons decorated swimwear can only afford holders slim and toned figure, as thin lines not only attract attention but also underline each line of the body.

Retro style

Considering the collection of one-piece swimsuits, we talked about the fact that many designers draw their inspiration in the fashion of yesteryear. Retro theme is not spared and separate swimwear. 50s are in the trend again.

Retro style Two Piece swimsuits 2015 in collections: Wildfox, 6Shoreroad, We are Handsome, Suboo

Wildfox, 6SHOREROAD, We are Handsome, Suboo offer some interesting models. It should be noticed that despite the fact that the basic ideas are preserved (overestimated waist heats the upper hand in the form of a bodice), the images become much more open than the ladies of the last century could afford.

Swimming trunks on the ribbon

Continuing the theme of ribbons, designers offer models of separate swimming suits with maximum open swimming trunks. The small triangles of fabric interconnected with thin strips. Perhaps this is a great option for a beach costume of courageous girls who prefer taking sun baths. Luli Fama, Cia Maritima, Liliana Montoya, LSpace demonstrate intriguing models.

Two Piece swimsuit 2015 with ribon trunks in collections: Luli Fama, Cia Maritima, LSpace

Closed top

Last week, the Miami Fashion models were well represented swimwear with closed tops. Swimming top with long sleeves is unlikely to be successful vestments for those wishing to bask in the sun and to get a nice tan.

Two Piece swimwear 2015 with a long top in collections: Belusso, Mara Hoffman, Beach Banny

But it will be comfortable for water sports and active beach games. Swimwear with closed tops was represented in the collections of such famous brands as Mara Hoffman, Belusso, Beach Banny and Suboo. They differ with concise design and fun colors. The main method of decoration is bright prints.

Leopard two piece bikini swimwear 2015

Leopard print is in the trend. Predatory colors in the women’s wardrobe have always been associated with passion and sexual energy.

To soften the image, designers offer combine animal coloring with floral and ornamental motifs. Interesting ways are offered by Mara Hoffman and Dolores Cortes.

Two piece bikini wth leopard print in collections 2015: Cia Maritima, Dolores Cortes, Poco Pano

Ruffles and flounces

For romantic ladies, the designers have prepared and decorated swimwear with ruffles and flounces. If you dream of a fabulous vacation somewhere in Hawaii, then add to the flounces floral motifs. This kind of swimwear is represented in the collections of Wildfox and Luli Fama. For images of less infantile, but no less romantic, suitable models have been demonstrated on Fashion Week in Miami by Liliana Montoya, Maaji, LSpace.

Two piece bikins with Ruffles and flounces in collections: Maaji, LSpace, Luli Fama, Wildfox

Minimalism and contrasting edging

Fans of simple design solutions should pay attention to swimwear created in a minimalist style. Little panties, bikinis, bras concise and mostly monochromatic colors, these are the main characteristics of the usual separate swimsuit. As decoration designers use contrasting edging which only emphasizes the simplicity of the solution of the visual image.

Fashion two piece swimsuits 2015 with contrasting edging in collections: Suboo, Caffe Swimwear, Maaji, Wildfox

Excellent swimwear models separate with contrasting edging offer brands such as Suboo, Caffe Swimwear, We are Handsom, Wildfox, Maaji.

The designers have worked on glory! In the women’s arsenal summer swimsuits 2015 there were many interesting techniques to broadcast their own mood. Choose the ones you like and start to prepare for the summer 2015 now.

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